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I screenshot the browser tabs that I browsed during my thesis preparation. Even the content sometimes had no relations to the thesis work, it still meant something. Those non-business tabs that I had been opened tracked my daily life and became a trail of stream of my consciousness process. And I got many interesting feedbacks that people had strongly responses to that similar behavior.

Project 2: Browsers Installation
The Story

As an international, communicating in different languages is the most effective way to express yourself and receive information from others. Messages are being transferred and translated as data. At the same time, as a designer, there are more options to exchange experiences with others.

With-in design, stream of consciousness is a method and process to communicate with people rather than designer’s own interior monologue. This can be an ongoing exchange of experience with the audience through a defined set of rules. As a designer and a communicator, I create such principles with simple forms allow audiences to respond according to their choices.


The design elements create a platform for conversation. Audiences transfer and translate this received information resulting in new stories and engaging them in an individual and personal experience. They gain fun from watching, participating and promoting. This is the value of design. During this process the designer and audience effect each other. Sometimes it's unpredictable.


Here in my design, narrative serves as a stream of consciousness device. With specifically designed principles, people can be inspired by visual elements or questions set by the designer. It is rooted in coding and decoding content and meaning to allow for a new action or experience.

The Method:
Stream of consciousness
Transfer and Translate

An Ongoing Exchange of Experience Through Design


Interaction Design


UI Design


There are five "W" factors narrators use to build a full story. I designed a game for people to build and communicate their own stories in a stream of consciousness process of many people. The original inspiration is based on exquisite corpse game. 

Project 1: An Interactive Game
A Normal Day of Valentina and Wenpin

This is a video recorded a normal day of me and Valentina who’s my classmate. The video merged two different timelines into one connected story.

Project 3: Dog Story

It started with a single word "dog" which was written on the paper. And then it was being passed to others letting them continue the story with every last character they saw from the previous. People found it funny to participate in. They were transferring and rebuilding unpredicted story boards. When the paper was unfolded, a Dog Story was born.