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Illinois Birth Justice

Non-profit Organization Website Rebuilt, Branding



Illinois Birth Justice


Web Design

Responsive Design

Art Direction

Branding Design

Illinois Birth Justice is a new organization with a mission to support incarcerated pregnant women and new mothers before, during, and after birth to help them build positive futures for themselves and their families.

The Story

Women are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. prison population, and many are pregnant at the time of their imprisonment. Illinois Birth Justice brings together volunteers from many disciplines and organizations, working to improve care during pregnancy, birth practices, and postpartum support for incarcerated women.


With the demand of a logotype, IBJ sponsored a contest to find the most ideal design. My design stands out from the crowd, qualifying to use as their visual identity. I created a new designed website to complete the branding and to spread their mission to attract more supportive social forces.


The silhouette of a pregnant woman is simplified to a letter “B” combined with letter “I” and “J”. “B” is highlighted in the middle.

Design Process


Website Rebuilt